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Q. Do you have a catalogue?

A. No, as each costume is made individually, we do not have a printed catalogue available.

Q. What are my payment options?

A. For all orders, we accept bank transfers, via PayPal. We also accept postal orders and cheques by mail.

Q. How long does an order usually take?

A. Costumes take approximately 8 weeks from receipt of your final order, including confirmation of measurements, fabrics to be used and a 50% deposit (not including postage and packing). It usually takes at least a week to iron out the details with you and another week to order and receive fabrics and any trims. If it's for a specific occasion you must allow 2 more weeks before the date on which the costume is to be worn, just in case there are any fitting issues and you need to send it back for alteration.

Q. What if my costume doesn't fit?

A. You must provide us with correct measurements. We do arrange a telephone call to go through each measurement with you. However, if the measurements you provide are incorrect we cannot be held responsible. Clients must contact us within 3 days of receipt for arrangements for alterations to be made. Items may be sent back and we will alter as necessary for an agreed additional charge and postage. Unfortunately we cannot offer free alterations to those who have dieted and/or lost weight after receipt of the costume. We can only make clothing to the measurements you supply, and we guarantee the garment to fit based on those measurements. Further weight loss will obviously result in a too-big costume, and in situations like that, alterations are not covered.

Q. Will you make a costume from a purchased pattern?

A. Yes. We will make any garment from a purchased pattern. If you wish to make a costume by combining several patterns, please remember that not all patterns will fit together accurately, which is why we can produce a “forma” for you to try on before the expense of making the final costume.

Q. Can I get a discount?

A. We do give a discount to customers who have ordered previously up to a maximum of 10%.

Q. Can you make a (insert costume item here)?

A. We love a challenge. The more information/reference drawings/photographs you can give us, the better, and we will give you an estimate of the costs, fabrics available to you and time the project will take.

Q. Will you make a gown for me using my own fabrics?

A. No, as we can't assume liability for fabrics sent to us. We prefer to purchase fabrics from our suppliers, so that if anything happens, we can easily replace it at our expense.

Q. Do you have a store I can visit?

A. No, we can't at the moment have members of the public visit our premises

Q. Can you send samples of fabrics?

A. We will send samples of fabrics and trims for a small cost of £3 (which will then be deducted from your final order)

Q. I want to get this style costume, but I think the colours and design elements might look weird together. Can you help?

A. Absolutely! If it's weird looking, we'll tell you! When you look good, we good. We definitely want you to look like an absolute God or Goddess!

Q. What if I get the costume and I decide I don't like it after all?

A. Few people have exactly the same measurements, colour preferences and design choices. Please be sure you REALLY want this costume before purchasing it. Made to measure and made to order items are not cancellable.

Q. Why isn't my deposit refundable?

A. Once we receive your deposit, we purchase supplies, which we normally wouldn't buy without your order. If you cancel your order, we cannot return the fabric, so we have to be reimbursed for the fabric purchase. We do not send the fabric to you if you cancel the order, so please be absolutely certain you will be going through with the transaction before you send your deposit.

Q. Can I do a payment plan?

A. If your costume is over £100, yes - but we can't purchase fabrics for your item until we have received 50% of the full amount due. We do not send reminders - this is your responsibility to make sure everything is paid for with enough time to deliver the garment!

Q. What postage methods do you offer?

A. We use Royal Mail, since we can track the delivery of your order. As soon as we ship the item, we will email you this tracking number.

Q. Do you post Internationally?

A. Yes, to certain countries - please contact us for further details.

Q. Can I change details of designs shown on the web site for my own costume?

A. Yes – It is your costume. The designs shown are representative of what is possible, and to give an idea of relative costs. Details like colour, fabric, trim, sleeve length, intensity of decoration can all be varied at your request.

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