Personal Costumes


In 2016, Hooded Man Events once more held a convention at The St Pierre, Chepstow, and we had just over a year to come up with fresh costumes.


The entire series was watched again ... oh, that was such a strain for us all ... and eventually we all agreed that there was only one choice ... The Hounds of Lucifer!


Paul, helped with the making of the helmets and Steve worked with me on the hand-painting of the cloaks. That took a couple of weeks, as each colour had to be painted and left for a week to "set" on the fabric, before another coat could be applied, on both the red and then the black.


Steve wanted a second costume, so we decided on "Abbot Hugo" and, of course, Natalie and her Daughter, Kayleigh, had to be dressed as "Morgwyn of Ravenscar" and "Mini Morgwyn" and their costume for the second day were, once again, "Marion", with Kayleigh having the "Forest Dress". It was her first big convention and she was beautifully behaved and quite got in to posing for the camera.


Once more, we received compliments from everyone ... even the golfers stopped and asked for photos!

Robin of Sherwood 30th Anniversary


Hooded Man Events put together a wonderful convention at the St Pierre Hotel in 2014 and had a tribute to the amazing "Kip Carpenter who wrote most of the series.


Once more, a lot of research went in to the costumes, and we tried as hard as possible to get screen accurate fabrics for the,


We chose to dress Natalie as "Marion" in the dress she wears in her first encounter with Simon de Belleme. and her husband, Paul, as Michael Praed's "Robin" costume.


Steve was dressed as "Herne" and could only walk sideways through doors and crowds, as he had very little periferal vision! We also had to cut the costume short, as we had our year-old GrandDaughter with us and we didn't want Steve to fall over if he bent to pick her up. The practicality of costumes is just as important as screen accuracy.


A J was dressed as de Belleme's follower, "Lileth" from the episode 'The Enchantment'


The costumes went down a storm with other attendees, as well as the cast and crew who attended.

Dragons & Unicorns